5 Comments to “Win Perfect Dark for XBLA: Best Date EVER”

  1. Jeremy Bennett · Apr 1st, 2010

    Well I don’t have a serious lovelife, just dating here and there…..maybe gaming has something to do with that HA! (JBHuskers)

  2. Ben Marshall · Apr 1st, 2010

    Twitter name: BenMarshall__

    Love life, what love life? Currently i don’t have one to be perfectly honest, was trying so hard not so long ago, but well, lets say it’s long story (isn’t every reltaionship) and i don’t think you want me to write an essay, and hear about all the boring (but not to me) but rather juicy if i may say so myself details.

    If i got this code, i’d be happily enjoying it by myself, i may even get my dog to try coop with me, who knows.

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    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jay Acevedo and KingQuagmire, A Couple of Gamers. A Couple of Gamers said: Our BFF Jay from @GameFocusdotca gave us a Perfect Dark XBLA code—want to win it? Of course you do! http://bit.ly/bWkhL1 […]

  4. nvmisfit · Apr 2nd, 2010

    Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on my mood at any given time) my gaming has affected my love live in that I play games so often it stops me from being social publicly.But then again, I have been having some major health issues for the past 5 years that have actually caused me to become disabled and unemployed.So naturally there’s not much I can do except sit around at home and play games to keep me occupied.I don’t feel like I’m particularly in the best shape of my life too so I’m not really feeling like this is the best time for me to be trying to attract someone else.I’m basically in the worse shape of my life and I can barely walk so I don’t appear to be the best prospective bachelor.I play a lot of Burnout Paradise and do talk to girls a lot on there but I don’t think I’d ever pursue a relationship through a game unless I was absolutely desperate and I’m not quite there yet.I have hopes that eventually I’ll get better and then I might start looking around.Until then, I’m just going to go as far as making casual friends and if something comes out of that then so be it.I’m always open to the possibilities.Wish me luck.My Twitter name is nvmisfit.

  5. Lori · Apr 3rd, 2010

    Congratulations to Murdo (@CaptainSoap) for winning, and thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for more awesomeness to come…

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