We’re always looking for submissions.  If you’d like to see your byline on this site, let us know.

That said, we have a few guidelines…


As the site’s name suggests, this blog is geared towards relationships and how they relate to video games (couples who game without breaking up and that sort of thing), as well as gender-based gaming content. Because of the specific nature of this theme, please understand that we do prefer posts that adhere to this genre.

Even if you have a little one-paragraph news blurb you just want to shoot off, especially if it’s about a game with co-op or something that you experience with your significant other, please feel free to send it on over. Little posts like that, even if they’re too short for feature material, always have a home on our front-page sidebar and will populate your archive page quite nicely (yes, you’ll get your own archive page!).

Photos and Pictures

We like pictures. Please use them. And respect the copyright of others.

All uploaded photos and pictures must be a minimum of 420 pixels wide if it’s the header shot; otherwise, it’ll get stretched and look dumb. All others can be whatever size you want… up to a maximum of 420 pixels wide, that is. Columnists can upload their own pictures, but contributors don’t have to worry about that nonsense… just send them with your article.


Occasional contributors who don’t post enough to be on the gamers page can send in stuff whenever it’s convenient, though we’d love to see you at least once a month. Team contributors can post once every two weeks to make us happy. Columnists should aim for once weekly, and preferably on a particular day, so your followers will know when to expect your stuff. Anything more than that just makes you more of a superstar.

Of course, if you’re going to be on vacation or you’ve got a mad amount of paid work or school is getting in the way, please let us know so we can cover you and keep your seat warm whilst you’re away. Better still: if you stockpile a few posts that aren’t particularly timely, we can schedule them to run in your absence. Just let us know when you send us something if you’d rather keep it for later or publish it now.

Contributors vs. Columnists

If you’re interested in becoming a columnist or team contributor, show us what you’ve got for a while. Once we know you’re reliable, you can email us with your ideas for a column if you’re able to make the once-weekly commitment.

Once you’ve contributed on a regular basis and show no signs of going anywhere, you’ll get to be on the gamers page, which links to your author archive page. Columnists get a blurb and a photo. Contributors get a link.


We all make the same amount of money for what we do. No, scratch that—if that were true, you’d have to chip in for hosting as well.

This site doesn’t make any money, and that’s kinda the point. This is an opportunity to let your freak flag fly and your writing style run amok (but not unchecked—we don’t stand for grammatical transgressions, and Lori is a professional proofreader).


We’re chuffed to have you on board. We hope you’ll write for this site for a long time to come. That said, if you’re not being compensated for your work, you should have the right to do what you want with it once we’re done with it. What a concept!

So here’s the thing: if you write something for us, we’re allowed to post it. The end. If you want to publish it on another site, all we ask is that you give us a little shout-out with a link to the original post or something. Hell, you can even sell the article if you want; just remember that the person to whom you’re selling it needs to be told that we have posting rights, too.

In return, you’re going to get fully credited for all of your work. As a contributor (or columnist), you’ll get an archive page that lists all of your articles on the site (which you can show to whomever you want). Seriously. It’s your stuff. We’re only posting it here.


Dave has made the girls pink and the boys blue, so your byline and headline will reflect your gender (he has to do it manually so, if your name doesn’t show up in the right colour, let us know).

Email Lori if you have any questions, or bug her on Google Chat. Dave is there for you, too, only he has the extra skills of knowing how to fix anything on the site… it’s a work in progress, and it will only get more awesome with time (and your help, of course).